Fungi is a natural flavor enhancer of Nordic character. We brew fungi by hand with tasty spices picked in Norway. In the pot you will find well-known ingredients such as mushroom, red wine, caramel, syrup, black pepper, juniper berries, pine needles, forest soup and lots of love.

People often refer to the product as a "soup sauce" or a "mushroom extract". This is because the dark drops can be reminiscent of a soy sauce, with lots of umami flavor and salty tones. However, the sauce is completely soy and gluten-free. Each bottle of fungi contains nearly 1,500 noble drops packed with flavor. This also makes it very "slow" - and - if you store the bottle at room temperature outside sunlight then it lasts as long as four years at a time.

The product has been on the market for over 20 years and today you find fungi on almost 300 grocery shelves in Norway - as well - in a number of specialty stores.


The secret to good food is to be able to balance the five flavors that our taste buds record; salt, sweet, sour, bitter and umami.Salt and sweet flavors we are well acquainted with in Norway, but we may underestimate how easy it is to get good food to taste completely phenomenal by adding a little extra acidity and umami.

Acidity is traditionally found in Norwegian vinegar and citrus fruits, but umami is often a little more difficult to describe. Umami means "the tasty taste" - loan word from Japanese - and is found naturally in well-preserved cheese, fried bacon, miso, truffles and mushrooms.

This way you can also use fungi in soups, sauces, marinades, dressing, on meat, fish, green and even your favorite dessert - if you don't use too much.This is used as a finish - so when you are ready to taste The food and it approaches serving, so a few drops of fungi are all that is needed to highlight and lift the flavor of your ingredients.



After more than twenty years of production, Fungi has managed to become a concept among Norwegian food enthusiasts. Therefore, we are also particularly proud to be able to continue the tradition that started with Fungi-mother, Inger-Lise Østmoe.

In the early 90s, Inger-Lise started with the project "Totally Wild". "I like practical work, I like to talk to people, and have very good knowledge about mushrooms," she says. "Completely wild" was based on the fact that Østmoe started receiving mushrooms, and ran extensive lecture on food from nature as well. “I started full with mushroom reception in 1993. People picked mushrooms and got a kilo price at reception and I sold on to wholesalers. We had fresh, frozen and dried mushrooms, ”she says.

As a mushroom inspector and mushroom expert, she had a lot to do, and she is delighted with the great interest in the population for food from the forest, and mushrooms in particular. “There were some quite a few places in the country that had fungal control ears when I started up. Today there are now around 700 controllers, ”she says.

In 1993, there was some mention of Inger-Lise Østmoe and her fungal and food knowledge in several weekly magazines. She started this year "Norwegian forest soup and berries", which eventually became the company "Norsopp". Before "fungi" came to the world, she came to the project "Norway a fungal land" in 1994. Inger-Lise remembers well, and recalls that 1994 was a good mushroom, while 1995 was poor, and the same in 1996.

The idea of producing for sale was born after a meeting with a former purchasing manager in Lorentzen, who said, "This must be your bet". He believed that in the future, the markets would demand more and more liquid products that could quickly add extra flavor to the food. Small bottles named "Forest Sauce" were cooked in alley and sold to the chefs who also bought forest soup from Norsopp. It turned out that the sauce gave a lot of flavor and the chefs only "had to just have it"

"In 1997," fungi "came to the world. I had expressed with 20-30 different flavors, and landed on today's issue, which I have adhered to, ”she says.



"After a period when fungi were away from the store shelves, Inger-Lise was contacted by some ingrained fungi fans who missed the product and who thought it deserved a comeback", says fungi brand manager, Ole Erichen.

“This is how we ended up with the opportunity to continue Norsopp AS and the product we like so well. For us it is important to maintain the tradition of faith and to continue the original product in its original form. At the same time, we are working on developing various fungi "siblings" that we are looking forward to introducing to fans and food lovers in the future "shoots Ole in."

In 2017, one also started organizing food courses, led by the "fungi chef" Johan Erkkila. Johan has 20 years of experience as a cook and food lover and wants to be able to share his passion for food and inspire tasty dishes in everyday life. In his course "The Secret to Good Food", Johan gives an introductory explanation on how to easily flavor food to perfection, only with familiar and dear ingredients from the kitchen at home.

“In addition to our physical courses in person, we also launch digital food courses online in 2018,” says Ole. This is after many wishes and feedback from fans who meet us at trade shows and when we present the product in store.

"The modern consumer demands that new knowledge is part of the experience when buying a product, it is a reality that we take seriously", says Ole.